About Bored Bunny

Bored Bunny is hyper-happy; it's sweet and salty; it's slightly unsettling; it's a hot mess of cuteness. BB celebrates all things pastel, spooky, adorable, and empowering.

All designs are original work by Kirstin Gent. She was raised in the wilderness of central Indiana by a pack of wild Labradors. Today she is an aspiring graphic designer living in downtown Indianapolis with her children, Hopper (a handsome Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and Deuce (a floofy Ragdoll cat.)

Kirstin is inspired by dreamy hues, contemporary horror, 80's pop culture, kitsch fashion, and more. Many things bring her absurd levels of joy, including dogs, video games, Stranger Things, Halloween, tabletop games with friends, cursing, and corndogs.